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Water has Memory

A compelling concept/conjecture.

Blue Words



Two images from our recent trip to the Columbia Icefields.


Perhaps the most prominent—and from the point of view of imperial ambitions the most significant — feature found on maps of new places is the coastline. The continuous line that differentiates a mass of land from water is the indispensable prerequisite of territorial expansion. It is also the geographical generalization — the extrapolation from particular cal- culations of position — that justifies geography in calling itself a science. But the coastline is an artifact of linear thinking, a binary abstraction that corresponds to nothing in nature. This would not matter except that the construction of the coast as ideally thin and oppositional has real-world consequences. As a cut in nature, the coastline becomes the favored site of scientific enquiry, but it is also the place where Western and non-Western people are suddenly exposed to one another. As an imaginary place, quarantined off from the normal comings and goings of social life, it incubates strange, and often fatal, performances. The un- reason of the antics that cluster along its edge points to the madness inherent in thinking and drawing the world digitally.

–Paul Carter, Dark Writing: Geography, Performance, Design

The Death Ship

The flag is barely a flag, pale, flimsy, and shredded. The ship’s name can barely be made out on the hull, nor that of its home port. As for the name Yorikke? What sort of name is that? Just like Exxon Valdez, I guess. Or B. Traven. None of the sailors on the Yorikke have names, passports, or nationalities. Here too you become a thing amidst things.

–Michael Taussig writing about B. Traven’s The Death Ship in his essay “The Stories Things Tell And Why They Tell Them”


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Raymond Boisjoly

This is a sequence of images I produced for Daphne Marlatt’s reading presented as part of Scrivener’s Monthly at the Western Front. Daphne provided three poems which concerned specific places within Vancouver to inform the production of images by Sean AlwardMaegan Hill-Carroll and myself. I contributed these scans made from videos I had gathered at Jericho Beach. Daphne’s poem, “this city: shrouded” from Liquiditiesmentions the Musqueam village of Ee’yullmough, where Jericho Beach is now located.

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Gulf Seafood Deformities Alarm Scientists

Gulf Seafood Deformities Alarm Scientists

World Water Day (Western University)

Western World Water Day 

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Patrick Mahon is presenting on behalf of Immersion Emergencies

Water & Tower Allegory 3 + 5 (Mahon)

W&T Alleg 5

Violet Shimmer

violet ball in water

Heaven Lake

heaven lake

From a recent research trip I took this past summer/fall to the boarder areas of China, North Korea, and Russia. The line running up the middle is the division between North Korea on the right, and China on the Left. It is a monstrously sized lake, of dazzling blue and of a depth that conjures folk myths with qualities of both darkness and light.